Damp and Mould Services

Damp & Mould can cause untold problems for your tenants and their families including serious respiratory problems.

Mould and mildew produce allergens and irritants, and some can even produce toxins so treating damp and mould as early as possible is very important. The structural integrity of a property can be compromised if the source of damp problems is not detected and fully fixed.

Whilst using our regular maintenance service will help reduce the occurrence of damp and mould there will always be some situations which require the specialist treatment of these problems.

Causes of mould and mildew growth

The most common causes of damp conditions that allow mould and mildew to grow and thrive in your property are: -

  • Condensation caused by warm, humid air meeting cold surfaces
  • Damaged brickwork or damaged seals around window or door frames
  • Leaking pipework in a central heating, plumbing or drainage system
  • Broken or slipped roof tiles or faults in a roof covering
  • Rising damp caused by an ineffective damp proof course (DPC)
  • Poor or damaged seals around showers