Renovations and refurbishment

Cato Services has just the right team to help with all your residential maintenance, renovation, or refurbishment needs and requirements. It may be something small to fix, it may be an emergency call. It could be a routine inspection, or maybe it's some large scale refurbishment work. It doesn't matter. We've got just the right person for you.

We have experience refurbishing bathrooms and building en-suites, adding utility rooms, installing and plumbing in new kitchens, increasing the size of your living room, or even adding in extra bedrooms.

Whether you're looking to increase living space for your family, or simply want to increase the value of your home, renovation is a great idea when choosing Cato Services.

We can help to personalise your home with stress-free and high-quality renovations and refurbishments.

The team at Cato Services understands that home renovation and refurbishment projects aren't small affairs, and solid planning along with organised project management is vital. That's where our 30 years of experience come in.

We're here to help, wherever, whenever, and however we can.