Cato Finance

Cato has partnered with Vestrow Property Finance to cater for all your property financial requirements.

About Vestrow

Vestrow is a reputable and well-established alternative investment provider, that enjoys a proven track record of success. Vestrow is run by a team of finance experts who have been successful in the property, hotel, and P2P industries for over three decades, developing and investing in assets.

As seasoned investors, the main focus at Vestrow is to reduce the capital risk, whilst maximising the returns such investments deliver, providing a wide range of investment opportunities normally reserved for larger institutions.


Unlike many financial institutions, Vestrow will always attempt to make generous compromises in order to facilitate loans quickly by taking a commercial view.


As we facilitate loans that use assets as security, we do not need to inform credit agencies about the loans taken out by borrowers.


The team at Vestrow has facilitated over 250 loans and have funds in place to ensure a speedy commitment to new loans.


Typically loan offers are made within a few hours of an application form being received, and loans are completed within 3-4 weeks of the loan offer being made.

Borrowing Process

Step 1) Gathering the necessary information

Vestrow will ask you to complete the online application form, and then upload all the relevant documentation you have regarding your asset. This could be anything ranging from the Estate Agent's particulars on a property to a formal valuation.

We will also carry out Know Your Client (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) checks.

Step 2) Offer of a loan

Based on the information supplied, our internal team of experienced underwriters will carry out an appraisal of the asset. If successful, Vestrow will then make you a formal offer of a loan, subject to an official valuation and upon completion of the legal formalities.

If you agree with the terms, you will be asked to sign and return a PDF of the signed loan offer via email, with an administration fee to cover the costs of the valuation.

Step 3) Valuation

We will instruct a formal valuation to be carried out by one of the (RICS) valuers from our panel of surveyors.

In some circumstances we can arrange to come out to see the assets, or alternatively we can assist you in bringing your valuables into our offices. Additionally, we employ a panel of nationwide property (RICS) valuers.

Step 4) Signing of loan documents

Normally, there will only be two documents to sign. The first is the Loan Agreement which sets out the terms of the loan. The second is a security document, which provides Vestrow with security over the asset being used to guarantee the loan.

Step 5) Charge registered for security

For property, a solicitor would be instructed to register a legal charge at the Land Registry. We will also do some standard background checks on you and the asset in order to comply with anti-money laundering requirements.

Step 6) Transferring the funds

This will usually be via a same-day CHAPS transfer. We expect you to provide monthly updates, and where necessary we will appoint a quantity surveyor to monitor the progress of the development.