Paths and Patios

Path and Patios

While we're talking about your garden or outdoor living area, you may like to consider us here at Cato Services for any work on your paths and patios.

Paths, patios and other paving can need repairs for a number of different reasons. Whether there's been cracking, or even if it's just simple weathering, our 30 years of experience means we can identify a problem quickly and start making repairs straightaway.

People value their outdoor space a lot, and at Cato Services we can get you falling back in love with your garden area.

Please contact us for any of the following tasks:

  • Replacing missing of broken slabs or blocks
  • Correcting uneven or moving paving slabs
  • Removing crumbling joints and repointing them
  • Lifting paving for drainage, electrics etc
  • Repairing steps that are rounded and unsafe
  • Repaving areas that have been lifted
  • Repairing sinking paving and ponding of water
  • Pressure washing of path and patios