Interior Design Services

Interior Design Services

Interior design in the home tends to split opinion between those who enjoy undertaking home improvement tasks, and those who find it a chore.

However, whatever your opinion, one thing it doesn't need to be is stressful.

The only thing stopping many people from beginning interior design projects is simply not being completely sure how to best carry out the task. After all, where do you start?

Whenever your home is involved, you want the best quality possible and jobs that aren't done correctly could even detract from the value of your property.

You needn't worry though. We can help to personalise your home with by assisting your project right from Phase 1.

The team at Cato Services understands that interior design projects aren't small affairs, and solid planning along with organised project management is vital.

Luckily, our team at Cato Services has over 30 years of experience of designing, building, servicing, and improving property all over London, and we can help you with your interior design project in order to get your home looking just like you imagine it.

We're here to help, wherever, whenever, and however we can.

Our Designer - Giovanna Gromo

Interior designer Giovanna Gromo's style fuses the timeless elegance of Italy, where she was born and raised, with an eclectic touch, inspired by her international career spanning Europe, Australia, America and India.

The breadth of her projects showcase a unique ability to enhance a property's natural strengths and harmonize with the surrounding culture and environment. With a keen attention to details, and an ingenious mind, she can improve the entire mood of a space.

Whether working on a small job, redesigning a home, or working for a chain of luxury hotels in India,

Gromo's clients all celebrate her ability to find inexpensive and creative ways to transform a space.