Assembling Furniture

Assembling Furniture

We've all been there. You've seen some furniture you like in store or online, bought it, and the big day arrives. It gets delivered in a flat-pack box and your whole day disappears as you try to piece it together.

Although companies include instruction manuals, it has become a cliché that building flat-pack furniture is frustrating and time-consuming. Often, people don't have the appropriate tools at home, and more than one pair of hands is needed.

You can alleviate the stress of assembling furniture by contacting Cato Services to help. We'd be only too pleased to come and give you a hand with that cumbersome wardrobe, or heavy oak chest of drawers that looked so good in the catalogue.

As seasoned professionals, we know that the correct assembly is crucial to add to the lifespan of the furniture. If not completed appropriately, joints can weaken and wood can split.

Let Cato Services come and do the hard work for you.